Friday, 20 Apr 2018  
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Quote of The Day

"Life is 10% of what happens to me and 90% of how I react to it." ~ John Maxwell

Our Principal

Contract Services

Since 2007, we have supplying manpower services & technical Consultants including its formality services in several oil & gas companies in Indonesia. We have the capabilities to provide the right person for the job & meets the client staffing requirements.

Our Services including :

  • Training & Consultants
  • Formality Services
  • Manpower Services

Hilco Product

The Hilliard Corporation products offer a broad line of motion control products, oil filtration and reclaiming equipment, starters for industrial gas, diesel engines and gas turbines, and plate and frame filter presses used in the food and beverage industry.

Hilliard products are designed, manufactured and sold according to their customers' applications. As a result, they have a large portfolio of custom engineered products that can be modified to meet new applications.

Aquamation Product

AquaMation offers an extensive line of water treatment systems and equipment individually engineered for each application. Their line features the latest in manufacturing technology and process control systems. In addition to being superior processing systems, the units are designed for low maintenance and low operating cost. Quality control in design and fabrication has yielded systems that operate efficiently and trouble free in some of the most remote locations.

Our Product Lines are:

  • Clarification Systems: Sludge Recirculating (scraper/non scraper) sludge blanket
  • Flotation Systems: Mechanical and Hydraulic
  • Filtration Systems: Nutshell, Single/Multimedia, Active Carbon, cartridge
  • Water Softening Systems: Conventional, High TDS (oil field)
  • Demineralizing Systems: Conventional Bed Arrangements, Mixed Bed
  • Reversed Osmosis Systems: Brackish Water, Desalination, Pre-Treatment for Ion Exchange
  • Forced Draft Degasifiers: Decarbonator, Iron Removal, H2S Removal
  • Deaerators: Vacuum, Stripping, Heating
  • Chemical Injection: Liquid and Dry